project2501: (miho)
thoughts of you sustain me in the cold.
those dark nights, the "mean reds", when nothing seems right
i imagine you asleep here, breath even, skin warm.
i would press against you, lay my cheek between your shoulderblades,
and let your heart speak its secret message to me:
that nothing is lost, that life goes on, unfrozen;
that winter, vast, dark, endless winter,
can only scrape its claws against the walls of love
and draw back, shaking its ponderous head in confusion
at the bright, quick, incomprehensible flame.

愛してる。 あんたは僕の春と僕の火。

if the roads were paved with ice that never thawed or cracked,
i could skate from Maine to Nebraska, up to Alaska and back...
'cause you keep me warm...
project2501: (pattern)
the bright birds whirl their incomprehensible patterns through the unquestioning sky,
& for a moment everything is louder, and hurts: the white birds, the blue sky, the yearning in your own heart.
they wheel around you as the world wheels around you, semaphore-flashes in the too-bright sun,
flinging words to each other in short, sharp cries -- a language you will never understand.

the white birds spin their patterns through the sky, and you are caught, half-remembering.
but they are gone between one breath and the next, between memory and forgetting,
the bright fragments scattered in all directions, the poem dissolving into sky.



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